Introduction to My Blog

The New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox have had among the most successful decades of any two franchises in American sports. They have a combined five championships and seven championship game appearances between them. Both teams regularly win their division, and are expected to make the playoffs on an annual basis.

What makes these two teams so successful? Is it the coaching, the management, or do they just have superior players? And also, can they sustain their success? Within this blog, I will take a closer look at these questions and use statistical analysis to best find the answer to these questions.

My goal as a blogger is to give my readers a supported opinion on why these two teams are winning and losing. It will look at some of the choices management makes and reflect on whether it positively or negatively affected the team. An example of this might be taking a closer look at the Jake Peavy trade or the Patriots decision to let Wes Welker go and analyze whether it was good or a bad choice and what would dictate that.

Overall, sports teams are getting smarter. Teams are putting more capital into evolving and  finding new ways to win. This is what makes sports so interesting  As a blogger, It is my job to get on top of these strategies and extrapolate upon them to help you, the reader, decide if the decisions that were made to improve the organization actually did improve the franchises chances of success. I hope you enjoy the post, and always feel free to email me your opinion at

Hunter Morancy

About Hunter Morancy

Hunter is a second year Journalism and Political Science major at the University of Maine. He was a varsity debate champion, a varsity baseball and tennis player, and was captain of my club ultimate frisbee team.