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Since at this point in time I cannot write a daily blog, I thought it might be helpful if I can refer you all to some other blogs that have inspired me to write my own. Some of these I read daily, while other ones I just found out about. They are all very similar to my own and I highly suggest that you take some time to look through and read some articles from each of them to enhance your Boston sports knowledge.


 1. NESN

 NESN, as some of you probably already know, is one of the biggest sports broadcasting market in Boston. Most of you probably didn’t know; however, that their website is actually a word press blog itself. is a great way to read up on all your favorite Boston sports teams, as their staff produces several stories a day to give you all of your up-to-date information. They also have a very useful and easy to use application available for most smartphones and tablets.

 2. It Is What It Is is my personal favorite place for sports news. They give up to date information and opinions that are always based on facts. The “It Is What It Is” blog is their staff’s blog about the New England Patriots. It is generally their columnist that does the posting and the blog allows them to get even a little bit more opinionated than what they can have in their column. The stories generally vary in range too. Some may only be a couple paragraphs discussing a press conference, or may even be a few pages discussing the direction of the team. The blog also has a free application that is available for most smartphones, and can be found through the WEEI app.

3. Full Count

 “Full Count” is another WEEI sponsored blog like “It Is What It Is,” that specifically focuses on the Redsox. It is written by their highly qualified staff and is updated a few times a day. It gives their readers any sort of information that you need to know about the Red Sox—whether it is the teams batting order for the game, or a breakdown of what has been happening over the course of the season. Alex Spier, one of the writers of the blog, is one of my favorite writers because he is not afraid to find stories nobody is talking about, and make those stories newsworthy. I like to think of myself the same way. Overall, I highly recommend giving this blog a try. It is also important to note that the blog is available for many phones through the WEEI app.

4. Beantown Shakedown

 I unfortunately do not know a whole lot about the background of this blog, but from what I understand, the writers are four college students (like me) who enjoy their Boston sports. They post generally around a couple times a week, sometimes noting events that happen within Boston sports, or their opinions on the teams. They also produce some ‘fun’ articles that are nice to read like “Ten Favorite Sports Venues I’ve been to” or “First impressions: NHL 14.” I have been very impressed with their blog, and even though these four writers are just college students, they certainly know their stuff. I highly recommend giving this blog a try.

5. Boston Wins

 I just found this blog within the last couple of weeks, but I have grown to it as I really enjoy the stories that are written. I do not know anything about the writer, but from reading this blogs, I can tell he is a fiery Boston Sports fan who puts a lot of emotion into it. They are very informational and entertaining, and if you like the conversational side of my blogs, you will probably enjoy this one. 


If there are any more Boston Sports blogs that you find interesting, please leave a link to them in a comment below. 

Hunter Morancy

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Hunter is a second year Journalism and Political Science major at the University of Maine. He was a varsity debate champion, a varsity baseball and tennis player, and was captain of my club ultimate frisbee team.