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Over the next few weeks, I will be analyzing one big question—this season, can the Patriots win the Superbowl? They obviously made a big step forward to answering this question last night, but anyhow, I will do 5 posts that will further analyze this; all of them will include some sort of multimedia. The post will go:

 1. Is the Offense Strong enough?

Analyzing the growth of the offense and comparing it to other teams that have won the super bowl in the past. (Tuesday, Nov. 26)

2. Is the Defense Strong enough?

Analyzing the spread of the defense and matching it up to other teams that have won the super bowl in the past. (Monday, Dec. 2)

3. Who Are The Patriot’s Biggest competition?

Looking at the other teams in the AFC and their strengths and weakness (Wednesday, Dec. 4)

4. How Do The Patriots Match Up Against Other Playoff Contenders?

Looking at their head to head matchups (NFC and AFC) (Monday, Dec. 9)

5. What Will It Take For the Patriots to Win?

Analyzing characteristics that win wins championships (Wednesday, Dec. 11)


Hopefully by the end of it, we will all get a better sense of what it will take for the Patriots to win and if they really can. I look forward to seeing what I get for results and I hope you do to. Enjoy!


Hunter Morancy

Hunter Morancy

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