Patriots: Is the Offense Strong enough to win the Super Bowl?

The 2013 season has shown a lot of ups and downs for the offense. Early in the year, it looked like Brady had no chemistry or trust with his receivers. The Patriots had problems generating points and first downs and they had to rely a lot on the run game to win games. In the Last 5 weeks since the Patriots got Gronkowski, Amendola and Vareen back, the Patriots have once again become an offensive firepower. The question is however; do the Patriots have enough offensive talent to win the Super Bowl?


By looking at other teams who have won the Super Bowl in the past, it is possible to answer this question. Statistics that show how productivity of an offense includes: points per game, total yards per game, and giveaways.

Lets begin with points per game and total yards per game and how the Patriots stack up against the Last 5 Super Bowl champions:

PPG total yards per game

In these Graphs, I have put the teams, where they ranked in the league, and how many points or total yards they averaged per game. As shown, the Patriots stack up very well against all the other Super Bowl winners for offense. Surprisingly, they have the second most points per game and the third most yards per game.

Their offense has gotten even stronger since Gronkowski, Amendola, and Vareen have been back in the line-up. Take a look at how they compare to these teams since they started getting these players back 5 games ago.

Pats Last 5 PPG Pats last 5 ypg

In the Last 5 Games, the Patriots are averaging more total points than any of the Last 5 Super Bowl champions and are second (just barely) in total yards.

Another important offensive statistic is giveaways. When a team turns the ball over, it gives their opponents a chance to score—oftentimes in good field position. Lets take a look at giveaways per game for these last 5 championship teams.

Giveaways Game

Even after last night, the Patriots still have great offensive discipline. It shows they generally do not make costly mistakes– very important to the success of the offense.

After analyzing all of these statistics, something very interesting to note is that most of these teams (with the exception of the Saints) do not have a top 5 offense in the league when they won the Super Bowl. In fact, the 2008 Steelers had a below average offense, but yet they still managed to win.

From these statistics, it shows that yes, the Patriots do have enough offensive firepower to win the Championship. In fact, this season their offense is clearly superior to at least two of the last five Super Bowl champions. But as shown, top offenses do not always win championships. It takes a complete team effort on both sides of the ball. Next week, we will take a look at the Patriots defense, compare it to other teams, and see if they have enough defensive force to win the Super Bowl in 2013.

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